Weather Lord: Hidden Realm

Having fun is guaranteed when you play Weather Lord!

Playing Weather Lord, a unique time management game that puts the forces of nature at your fingers and challenges you to complete tasks on 40 exciting levels, is guaranteed to be 100% FUN! Utilize the sun, wind, and rain to encourage abundant yields from rich soil, and subsequently transform your crop into goods that consumers desire. Your wind turbines and solar power plants can supply the energy your production facilities require if you manage your resources correctly. In addition, you'll need to call in thunderclouds to move rocks, rain to put out forest fires and stockpile the materials your staff will need to fix earthquake damage. You will receive the gold cup if you manage to beat the clock! Play Weather Lord today to give Mother Nature the well-earned rest she deserves!





- 40 windswept stages; two sun-kissed settings
- eight farms soaked in rain
- good and poor weather
- step-by-step tutorial

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320 MB

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