Violett Remastered

Can you assist Violett in getting away from the Spider Queen and back to her parents?

Teenage rebel Violett is dragged by her parents to an abandoned, eerie mansion in the middle of nowhere. She imagines how monotonous life in the country will be, forced to leave her friends and her city life behind, spending endless days bored in her room with nothing to do. However, she is unaware that she is going to set out on an incredible journey. She notices a flash of light coming from a mouse hole nearby, reaches inside, and in an instant finds herself in a whole new place. So close, yet so distant. So beautiful, but so dangerous. A land where everyone is not afraid of telekinesis, garden gnomes are messengers from another world, and frogs sing operas daily. Her parents are not going to be able to find her again without your cunning and luck. Engage your mind with challenging problems. Use your telekinesis to escape difficult situations. Battle the malevolent spider queen who desires to use you as her next trophy. Use your touch to explore the lovely and slightly surreal world influenced by Dali, Alice in Wonderland, and other great works of art.





- An engaging 2.5D point-and-click adventure game
- An intriguing world inside the rabbit hole
- A plethora of puzzles and riddles
- An eerie atmosphere of mystery and uneasiness
- The evil Spider Queen is trying to prevent you from returning
- Using paranormal forces to manipulate objects
- Stunning hand-painted graphics with a quirky and stylish feel

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