Viking Sisters

Preserve the village men!
And demonstrate to evildoers the true meaning of girl strength!

The Viking Sisters were demonstrating the true meaning of girl strength to malefactors long before contemporary women broke through the glass ceiling! Accompany the warrior Brunhilda and druid Helga as they go out to free their village's men from a cruel sorceress's powers. As the sisters follow the Sorceress to the ends of the Earth and beyond, lead them through an enchanted forest, across frigid mountain peaks, and into Hell itself. After forging strong weapons in the dwarven country, engage in combat with giants, scorpions, and other evil beings. Lastly, compile and create the materials the sisters require for every stage of their expedition. You'll be able to play minigames, apply worker enhancement boosters, and unlock achievements that will prove your abilities along the route. A world brimming with color, creativity, and enchantment will also delight you. Everyone may enjoy this instant classic, which demonstrates that girls want to have fun but can also kick a little you-know-what when necessary, with the options of Casual, Normal, and Expert game modes!





- Exciting and thrilling narrative!
- Bright environments with hilarious people!
- Easy to learn but difficult gameplay!
- Mini-games, puzzle pieces buried, and more!
- An untimed mode ideal for novice players and children!

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