Viking Heroes 4 Collector’s Edition

Come along with the Vikings as they fight against time to keep the world from plunging into eternal darkness.

Come along with the gods and heroes of the Vikings as they battle the time to save the world from going dark forever. The monstrous wolf Fenrir is threatening to consume the sun and moon, so the Vikings have to travel across realms to construct a new magical chain that can bind him. But the journey won't be easy because they'll have to deal with some vicious opponents, like Fenrir's sons, who will be observing them at all times. With the help of the gods, they will embark on an action-packed, adventurous journey through many planets to bring light back to the planet. The Vikings have to choose whether to punish Fenrir for his transgressions or to show sympathy even after they have taken him prisoner.



The Collector's Edition features:


- 10 bonus levels
- Downloadable soundtrack
- Colorful wallpapers
- Step-by-step gameplay guide
- Collectible owls
- Three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard
- A wide range of achievements
- Exciting mini-games
- Easy gameplay with simple mouse actions

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