Viking Brothers 6: Collector’s Edition

Lead the Vikings to triumph!
Within the Collector's Edition of Viking Brothers VI

The Viking Brothers' greatest desire, aside from wine and cooked meats, is adventure! And when Everand and Boromere band together to protect the Tree of Life from the destructive effects of an enigmatic toxin, they will definitely have their recompense! Go into the world of gods and stories and lead the brothers through hot and cold environments to find the scourge's origin. Succeed in solving problems that will have Everand thoughtfully stroking his enormous red beard while battling fire giants, ghosts, and poisonous scorpions. You will also have to work against the clock to repair settlements and acquire supplies. As you improve your heroes to take on new challenges, activate potent boosters to finish stages faster, and unlock dozens of achievements on your path to victory, magic will be your ally and your sword your constant companion. A massive new adventure and enough Collector's Edition bonuses to fill a Viking's tankard await you if you manage to save the tree. Don't miss this exciting new journey with the beloved Norsemen of everyone!




- An engrossing adventure tale
- Numerous suspenseful levels
- Easy-to-use point-and-click controls


Collector's Edition exclusive content

- An extra chapter with fifteen more levels
- 44 achievements
- An integrated strategy guide
- Downloadable original soundtracks
- Character descriptions
- Five Wallpapers
- 21 collectible items

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Release Date
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380 MB

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