Viking Brothers 5

The epic quest to save Midgard presents the Viking Brothers with their biggest test to far!

The epic quest to save Midgard presents the Viking Brothers with their biggest test so far! The enormous serpent that keeps Midgard together with its lengthy body was assaulted by the malevolent Nidhogg and an army of dragons who wanted to destroy the human race. As Everand and Boromir journey across the globe to aid the serpent and preserve their home, the stakes have never been higher or bigger. Midgard is full of magic, which will support you in your mission to assist the Viking Brothers. You will travel to fascinating places, such as the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, interact with enchanted beings to obtain resources, and use special altars to grant your heroes new abilities. Along with fighting strange monsters and spirits, you'll enlist the aid of legendary gods! You'll lead a group of labourers as they use their agricultural, gold-digging, and resource-gathering expertise along the route. To beat the time, you'll need to carefully plan their steps and work strategically since the sooner they work, the larger your prizes will be! It will be beneficial to make astute use of a range of advantages. Go beyond your current reality and enter Midgard to embark on a fantastical journey full of amazing creativity!





- An enchanted, thrilling tale
- Bright settings and captivating characters
- Extremely difficult and captivating gameplay
- Hidden objects and mini-games to discover
- An untimed mode for children and casual players

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