Viking Brothers 2

Come along with the Viking Brothers on a brand-new, hilarious journey!

According to history, the Vikings once governed the entire world. But according to folklore, it once just took the two of them to save it! Come along with the Viking brothers Everand and Boromere as they embark on a brand-new, hilarious journey to make amends, do good deeds, and keep their tankards full of ale! This will not be simple, for an enigmatic entity is wreaking havoc throughout Asgard and Earth! However, the strength and bravery of the Vikings have never faltered, and the brothers won't either! With a few mouse clicks, you will have to lead Everand and Boromere as they battle trolls and pirates, reconstruct communities, and work diligently to revitalize their homeland. With multiple vibrantly colored worlds full of lively life to explore, level after level will unfold before your eyes like the pages of a fantasy book come to vibrant life. The brothers may be strong physically, but you'll still need to exert some light mental lifting as you figure out how to use the time you have and the resources you gather to remove obstacles and complete simple quests. You won't want to stop playing "Viking Brothers 2" after you experience its upbeat soundtrack, numerous accomplishments, and engrossing hand-drawn cutscenes!





- An exhilarating journey around Asgard!
- A group of gods, humans, and monsters!Vibrant, vibrant worlds that leap off the screen!

- Overachievement in plenty!Quick and simple to learn how to play

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