Vampire Saga: Break Out

Put your teeth into the grindstone of an incredible adventure!

In Vampire Saga 3: Break Out, grit your teeth for an intense trek through the town of Hell Lock. You will gradually discover the cause of a red-eyed dread that is transforming the residents of Hell Lock into deadly creatures of the night as you lead a doctor through the terrified streets of the town. Along the way, you'll interact with unfortunate characters, explore dilapidated streets and buildings, solve mind-bending puzzles that lead to a confrontation with the evil that lurks in the doomed town's underbelly, and help the man of science overcome his preference for rational thinking with his visions of his dead daughter, who seems to be taking him on a tour of the horrors of the abandoned town. Do you have a thirst? Then devour your fill by biting into Vampire Saga 3: Break Out!

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