Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5

An amazing journey through the stunning Pinecreek Hills National Park

Enjoy a magnificent summer break working alongside a group of park rangers to manage Pinecreek Hills National Park. The park is nicer and bigger than it has ever been in this centennial year. Catch the all-new Centennial Miniature Railroad, the award-winning bridge, the quaint Craft Cafe, and the Eagle Pass Chairlift on your floatplane ride back from HQ. Take note of the magnificent outdoor spaces, magical caverns, and waterfalls. Savor the authentic surroundings, have cookouts, and even save a stray bear cub. Witness the breathtaking Blue Angels aircraft show and watch parachutists land on Ranger Field. Countless animals, fish, and other wildlife can be observed. Become an environmental champion and earn mementos and prizes along the way.

About Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5
- Bright visuals and gameplay
- Extremely entertaining mini-puzzles and hidden object games
- Take on the role of a committed national park ranger.

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