Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 7

Cruise Director 7: A Wonderful Journey to Four Amazing Continents of the World in Vacation Adventures

As voyage Director in charge, enjoy an Awesome voyage of a Lifetime to 4 Amazing Continents onboard the fleet’s outstanding flagship, USS Liberty of the Waves. Explore South America‘s Inca Trail, Antarctica’s South Pole, and Europe. Travel on the opulent African Safari Express Train. Arrange fascinating excursions throughout the Cruise. Visit amazing tourist attractions. See iconic Landmarks, and enjoy Pacific and Atlantic highlights. Relax in Liberty’s wonderful Restaurants, Pools, and 7 Seas Mall. Assist travelers with their accommodations, dining, shopping, and leisure both on board and at ports of call. assemble your cruise mementos. Look for hundreds of hidden goods, articles Lost by Passengers, and Trash for Recycling. Play amazing Mini-Games. receive Merit Badges for your Achievements. For families and people of all ages, Cruise Director 7 will offer genuinely engrossing gaming that lasts for hours on end.





- A trip to four exciting continents
- The best cruise game to date.
- Amazing Hogs & Puzzles
- Stunning and Lifelike Images
- Distinctive Photo Album

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