Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 5

A wonderful voyage on the USS Liberty of the Waves

The fifth episode in the legendary Cruise Director Series, Cruise Director 5 keeps all the things you love about the first four games and gives you even more! You are the veteran Cruise Director who's taking the much-vaunted S.S. Liberty of the Waves once more out to sea. You're in charge of not just planning off-board activities for guests but also the shopping, dining and relaxing of them on board. This means playing dozens of hidden object games and mini-games in jaw-dropping locales all around the world, such as Edinburgh, London, Barcelona, Vienna and Istanbul. Step off the boat and ride the Orient Express, the most renowned train in the world, as it travels throughout Europe. Spend hours moving across the map and solving mysteries! The following are some of the things you may do with Vacation Adventures:

- Visit new towns and puzzle places

- Take the Orient Express - Gather souvenirs

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