Unsung Heroes – The Golden Mask

Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask tells the narrative of Xi Niu through the eyes of three young archaeologists.

It will be up to three daring young archaeologists to uncover the truth where the past and present collide! Trace the footsteps of three enthusiastic archaeologists who are committed to revealing the past! The three females in Unsung Heroes - The Golden Mask are digging in China. They discover the tale of the Chinese girl Xi Niu, who lived more than a millennium ago. As you restore artifacts and begin to gradually fill in the tale behind them, you will alternate between present day and ancient China. Take over the roles of the bold Ivy, astute Stephanie, and formidable Diana as they set out to find a buried treasure. Next, travel back in time to assume the role of the courageous Xi Niu, a young woman out to exact revenge on her family! Xi Niu saw her parents brutally murdered as a young child by a stranger donning a golden mask. Somehow, she swears to exact revenge. A decade later, she receives an unexpected job offer from the palace as a courtesan. She takes advantage of the chance since it provides a means of finding the man wearing the golden mask. However, things are not easy in the palace. One mistake could result in death in this political and intrigue-filled minefield. To survive, Xi Niu will have to pick up the game. Is it possible for this peasant girl to make her way across the perilous palace waters and have her revenge? Assist the three girls in locating the puzzle pieces so they may put the heroic Xi Niu's story together!





- Play in the past as well as the present!
- Discover pieces of long-lost antiques;
- Play a unique minigame to unlock the story as you finish each artifact;
- Discover an ancient culture;
- Discover details about artifacts based on actual discoveries!
- Master 14 thrilling minigames, 7 of which are set in the past and 7 in the present.
- Visit 4 distinct dig sites, each with 4 distinct artifacts to discover!
- Enjoy a charming new time management story game from GameHouse!
- Help Xi Niu find her path by exploring six exotic locations in the past!
- Find and repair 16 primary artifacts and an extra 40 optional artifacts!

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