Twisted Lands: Origin

In this hidden object game, discover the beginning of the terror that engulfed the island of Tormente!

Play the hidden object adventure games in the Twisted Lands series to witness the beginning of the terror that engulfed the island of Tormente! Assume the part of a talented investigator who has always relied on his knowledge and has never given the horrors lurking in the shadows of society a second thought. See how his survival instincts take over as he visits Tormente in search of a young woman and comes across hideous animals that pose a threat to his life if he doesn't finish his mission. Then, in order to escape the island before death catches up with you, defend the mother and her son from an even greater evil!Twisted Lands: Origin is a game that will captivate you with its jaw-dropping graphics and spine-tingling soundtrack. You'll be held captive as you explore dozens of terrifying places, look for helpful objects, and solve deviously constructed puzzles. This engrossing prequel has innovative gameplay that will have you solving dozens of original mini-games and interacting with cinematic videos to make split-second decisions. In Twisted Lands: Origin, connect all the loose ends of the Twisted Lands story. All tales have an origin, but few are as terrifying as this one!

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