Twin Mind: Nobody’s Here Collector’s Edition

Help the twin investigators solve a fresh case!

Science is riskier than it has ever been! Death is everywhere we look. Doesn't it sound pretty menacing? Help the twin investigators solve a fresh case! The twin detectives receive a concerning call from Randall's acquaintance Rebecca, who works at a science centre, and are lured into a sci-fi thriller plot with much emotional drama. The idea that the scientist's death was an accident is refuted by the fact that the door was closed from the inside and that the victim's body showed multiple signs of a struggle. On the security tape, though, the victim is the only person visible! Something doesn't look right, therefore you're required to figure it out! Solve difficult riddles to discover the truth. Test your cunning as you go through an incredible detective thriller in this thrilling new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure.





- Take in the engrossing story with all of its unexpected turns!
- Play the parts of two distinct characters to understand all that's going on.

- Make your own choices and live with the consequences.

- Savor a range of sombre environments!
- Solve riddles and find items by searching!

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