Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter Collector’s Edition

A murderer who is unknown leaves his victims' corpses without blood!
Are you able to assist with the case?

An unknown murderer leaves his victims' bodies devoid of blood. Who is this heartless person, and is this person even human? The twin detectives Eleanor and Randall have a case to solve! The victim of a murder at a movie theatre lost all of his blood, and the murderer went by the nickname Dracula. Although it is assumed that the victim's buddy committed the murder, the twins' investigation reveals a surprising development in the case! The real criminal was never far from home. And the twins are battling horrible magic once more. Discover the truth and save innocent people by resolving a variety of riddles and conquering thrilling challenges in this Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!





- Visit the Bonus Chapter as Eleanor to discover the horrifying truth about the deadly love triangle!
- Play your preferred mini-games and puzzles again to unlock several achievements!
- Take advantage of extra content that includes concept art, music, wallpapers, and more!
- Collect treasures and search for things that change in shape!

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