Trivia Machine Reloaded

Ascend the trivia ladder by providing entertaining answers!

Get your mind working by turning on the Trivia Machine! There are thousands of trivia questions in nine entertaining categories TV, movies, sports, history, literature, and more—in Trivia Machine Reloaded. For players of all skill levels, from novices to experts, Trivia Machine Reloaded is the ideal game, with questions ranging from simple to complex in each round! Ascending the trivia ladder will require strategy and trivia expertise. Feeling self-assured? To climb the ladder more quickly, try responding to the Expert questions. Does the race go to the slow and steady? Next, move slowly and focus on the simple questions. Every round, you have the option to alter your approach; the choice is yours! As you surpass new milestones, you'll receive enjoyable special achievement awards and your knowledge of trivia will be put to the test in the extra Lightning Rounds. Trivia Machine Reloaded: Prepare to prove your knowledge!





- Thousands of entertaining trivia questions!
- Various classifications and degrees of difficulty!
- Thrilling Lightning rounds!

- Get enjoyable accomplishments!

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