The Unseen Fears: Body Thief Collector’s Edition

In the Collector's Edition of The Unseen Fears: Body Thief, dark magic is out and about in Amsterdam.

You've been called in to assist with an investigation into a spate of murders by an old buddy. The only thing missing from the most recent victim was their skin. You're immediately thrust into a world of sinister magic and creatures as you begin your investigation. Will you be the murderer's next victim, or do you have what it takes to track them down in time? Discover in this spine-tingling Hidden-Object Puzzle journey!





- In the bonus game, protect Sorrel's family from the Hunters!
- Relive your best HOPs and mini-games.
- Find hidden collectibles and get achievements.

- Appreciate concept art, screensavers, wallpapers, and more!

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