The Mahjong Huntress

Set out on an enigmatic mission to find the groom who has vanished!

The night of Mary Elisabeth Riley's 21st birthday, she is to marry Sir Charles Gilbertworth. Since the marriage was arranged, she is hesitant since she doesn't think this is the right time, location, or man for her. Like a rising number of women her age, she aspires to be something more than a housewife, and this is not what she had in mind when she went missing just before the wedding. Mary Elisabeth would be more than happy with this, but the problem is that Gilbertworth vanished from her family's estate, and if he isn't located, her mother Riley, the widow, may be held accountable. In addition, there's the issue of the supernatural itself. It appears that the folktales hold more significance than she initially thought.





- Approximately 300 levels to finish
- Find out where your missing fiancé is and learn about the Riley family lineage
- Confront Supernatural Creatures and Ghosts in horrifying Match-3 encounters
- Fascinating story with a paranormal twist (6 distinct locations to explore)

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