The Lake House: Children of Silence Collector’s Edition

When the past intrudes into the present, dark things emerge!

In Lake House: Children of Silence, long-forgotten memories resurface when the past intrudes on the present! The house at the center of this story has been unoccupied for fifteen years. It is situated near the edge of a dark lake and is covered in fog. The family that once inhabited the place has left behind only some abandoned possessions and home videos that hold a horrifying story. A woman who lived there as a child and her fiancé are called back to the house by what seems to be a ghost in order to unravel a mystery that starts with an old photo and finishes in a secret room. Assist the fiancé in exploring mist-covered areas and attempting to save his future bride from the clutches of an unknown man wearing a mask. Locate hidden things, work out riddles, and get ready for an ending that will transport you to a terrifying realm!





- 32 mini-games
- 18 hidden object scenes
- 50 atmospheric locations
- Ten high-resolution wallpapers
- Strategy guide

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630 MB

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