The Great Empire: Relic of Egypt

As the head of the vast empire, take pride in your victory!
in Relic of Egypt in The Great Empire

As you rebuild and defend your territory, stop a furious pharaoh from destroying an island paradise and send his mummified army running for cover! The current pharaoh pauses his honeymoon to go after the evil monster who has awakened from an everlasting slumber and proceeds to capture him in order to restore his realm to its previous splendor. As the pharaoh leads his people on their journey, you have to be his hands and feet. Work quickly to clear the area, gather supplies, and reconstruct villages. Look for lost wealth, investigate golden pyramids, and engage in combat with mummified criminals. And when you reestablish trade lines and transact business with local merchants, investigate new methods of construction. Even so, you won't be able to acquire and access the amazing range of accomplishments until you gain the gods' approval, who are prepared to bestow favors upon you. The Great Empire: Relic of Egypt is an animated game with a bright, colorful background that appeals to all types of players, from leisurely users who want a laid-back experience to seasoned strategists who enjoy a good challenge. As the head of the vast empire, fulfill your destiny and take home the triumph that is rightfully yours!





- An engrossing, thrilling tale
- Numerous ingeniously created stages
- An exhilarating original music
- Easy point-and-click controls

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