The Christmas Spirit: Journey Before Christmas CE

Are you able to get to your new family on time?
Discover the Christmas Mood: The Trip Before Christmas CE

Come along on a journey to preserve Christmas with us in the newest installment of The Christmas Spirit series! The North Pole is a hive of activity and your small doll heart explodes with excitement when a little girl asks you for Christmas! It's not always easy to be a present, though, and not everyone at the North Pole hopes for a happy holiday season. The time is running out for someone trying to stop toys from getting to their new homes! Is it possible for you and the other toys to reach your new homes in time for Christmas? You'll discover in this captivating Hidden-Object Puzzle journey!




- Free Carlos from Mrs. Tovenare's sway by breaking the enchantment!
- Try to complete every puzzle on both Easy and Hard difficulty levels!
- Gather presents and festive goodies from all around the world!
- Take advantage of unique concept art, wallpapers, soundtracks, and more!
- Included is a comprehensive strategy guide! Continually available when you need it!

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