The Andersen Accounts: A Voice of Reason Collector’s Edition

The Andersen Accounts: A Voice of Reason Collector's Edition states that the abilities are crucial.

Discover the most recent amazing chapter in the Andersen Accounts series! It's finally the night of the big celebration for the city! As everyone gets ready for the celebrations, you find yourself preoccupied when your pal fails to return from an unexplained singing audition. When you discover that she is being held hostage and is mute, your brief visit to check on her swiftly takes a nasty turn! Can you catch up with the kidnappers and save the city in time, while attackers with unidentified abilities follow your every move? In this captivating hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out! In the bonus game, destroy the voice-stealing machine once and for all!





- Relive your most beloved mini-games and HOPs!

- There are tons of mementos, trinkets, and morphs to be found!

- Take advantage of special films, songs, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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