Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart Collector’s Edition

Fear grips one's heart from the bottom!

Do you think ghosts exist? Your best buddy is certain that spirits exist, but your father thinks science can explain the incomprehensible. You three will look at the infamous Heart Family Estate together and make a final decision! Your spine will tingle as you explore this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure game and learn about the sinister secrets of this abandoned mansion! Play a range of hidden-object games, including combination, morphing, and silhouette puzzles! There are also a few extremely difficult problems to test your mental faculties!





- Experience the Heart Estate's sad history in the bonus chapter!
- Locate heart-shaped trinkets that are buried all across the game!
- Gain achievements, find morphing things during hidden-object puzzles, and obtain lovely concept art, soundtracks, and wallpapers.

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