Tales of Rome Grand Empire

In Tales of Rome - Grand Empire, protect your city against the creatures of the Underworld.

The city of the valiant hero Flavius is under attack from monsters as the gates of the Underworld have opened. The god of war, Mars, steps in to save the day this time, driving the monsters out and aiding in the reconstruction of the city. But the catastrophe is far from over, and the difficulties are just getting started. Go into the realm of the gods and resolve the city's reconstruction. Play this thrilling Match 3 game to have fun, solve mini-games and extra levels, and win bonuses, power-ups, and trophies!





- Exciting match-3 game with tons of extras
- Difficult tale to follow
- Construct and bring back the city to its former splendor

- Get many bonuses, upgrades, and extras
- Complete difficult mini- and bonus games

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