Sweet Treat Solitaire

Enter a joyful world full of sweetness with Sweet Treat Solitaire.

You are a busy chef working in your kitchen when all of a sudden you find yourself miraculously transferred to Sweet Treat, another realm. You are invited to join the Jellie Race, a colorful group of jelly creatures. The realm of delightful treatment you must traverse to locate the Jellie leader. While traveling, you must attempt to defeat your Jellie opponents in several entertaining minigames and thrilling food battles. You're capable of it... Greetings from the World of Sweet Treats!





- A humorous and enjoyable tale
- Three distinct levels of difficulty
- Three distinct game modes
- Engaging and thrilling mini-games
- Food fights!

- 200 difficult stages, 200 hidden object sections

- Wild cards, power-ups, and jokers, colorful, delectable backgrounds

-  Variety of card designs, and lots of tempting store products to purchase

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Release Date
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90 MB

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