Surface: Virtual Detective Collector’s Edition

The players who are absent are where?
Explore Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition to learn more.

Enjoy the latest game from the team that produced Mystery Trackers and Haunted Hotel. Experience a whole new world in the next hidden-object puzzle adventure in the unique Surface series! Hiring is currently open at The Virtual Detective Agency! With the help of the most lifelike full-dive virtual reality gadget, the Capsule Nexus 2000, you can establish your reputation as a top investigator in the top virtual reality environment in the world. We are seeking a few keen investigators to check into the reason behind the increasing number of players going missing and going unconscious in the real world. Apply right now!





- Dive further into the virtual worlds in the additional chapter, where sinister forces threaten your memories!
- Play minigames, puzzles, and HOPs again, and gather enough flowers to open the Secret Room!

- Download original artwork, screensavers, songs, and more!
- With this useful strategy guide, you'll never get lost!

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