Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas

Romance and hidden treasures on a Hollywood lot!

In Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas, find witty hidden objects on star-studded Hollywood sets and prevent a big-budget picture from sinking - literally! The erratic and demanding star of Titanship, Katherine Connick, is unable to find anything for herself in this thrilling sequel to Sunset Studio Deluxe. Besides, why should a star search for anything in the first place? Assistants are meant for just that! Before time runs out, sort through several studio locations and gather priceless production materials to help keep this shaky production afloat. Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas is a lively search game with six incredible power-ups, a hilarious storyline, and tons of Hollywood glitz from the makers of the popular Little Shop video game series. Discover the kind of romance that can only be found on an imaginary sinking ship by playing Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas. On a nearby computer, play Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas!

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