Stray Souls: Stolen Memories Collector’s Edition

To save a young child, chase a terrible apparition into a warped realm!

Guide a mother who pursues a terrible ghost into a warped universe to save her daughter. As you tour a bizarre hamlet in which an evil clown has transformed all of the residents into wooden dolls, you'll progressively peel back the layers of a terrible story that exposes why the mother's husband has never spoken about his past. To unravel the startling reality, you'll interact with the few remaining people, seek every shadowy nook for clues, and solve incredibly innovative puzzles. The clown's terrible appearance will infuse each stride with fear, even as the mother's love for her daughter pulls you ahead. Can you reunite this family before the clown claims another soul?

This unique Collector's Edition of Stray Souls: Stolen Memories has a heart-stopping bonus chapter that unites the first and second games in the series, HD wallpapers, concept art, a downloadable soundtrack, and more!





- 48 locations

- 28 mini-games
- 14 HOG scenes
- Shocking bonus chapter
- HD wallpapers and concept art

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Release Date
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650 MB

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