Spirits of Mystery: The Silver Arrow Collector’s Edition

Seek the Silver Arrow to find your actual purpose!

In Spirits of Mystery: The Silver Arrow, find out what your real fate is! You fell in love at first sight when you met Prince Philip. But you were kept apart by his duties to his realm. Philip was obligated by tradition to let Fate select his bride through the release of a silver arrow from the sky. It just so happens that you were chosen by the Silver Arrow! However, it was taken from you by a renowned shape-shifter as soon as it touched down at your feet! It's up to you to find him and retrieve the arrow before his enigmatic customer gets her filthy hands on it and brings it to the nuptials. Will you arrive on schedule? In this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, find out!





- Bonus game that lets you discover the fascinating world of griffins!
- Playable minigames and hidden-object puzzles
- Gorgeous backgrounds, screensavers, and concept art
- Accessible strategy guide

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