Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury Collector’s Edition

Someone is seeking retribution...

Someone is seeking retribution, and she will do whatever it takes to obtain it. Liza, your sister's daughter, vanished along with numerous other kids when she went to summer camp, and she needs your assistance finding her. As a parapsychologist and member of the police team, you're accustomed to criminal activities of the ghostly sort, but are you ready for this spirit of revenge? In this deserted mining village, not everything that seems shiny is gold. Enjoy the mini-games and amazing puzzles as you discover Nickfield's past while playing interactive and list HOPs!





- Play the extra game to solve the mystery surrounding the miners, the missing children, and the paranormal! Gather trinkets to play difficult bonus HOPs and unlock extra mini-games!
- Use the useful strategy guide.
- Add concept art, music, and wallpapers to immortalize your journey.

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