Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth’s Secret CE

In the court of Queen Elizabeth, there is a secret.

Returning to demonstrate that nothing can put out the ferocious Spirit of Vengeance! This time, uncovering the truth will need you to navigate a labyrinth of palace intrigue. Take on the role of a maid of honour at the court of Queen Elizabeth the First, and your sidekick will be none other than the cunning Francis Drake! However, this game isn't limited to fans of the past. Embark on a delightful journey into the past of Elizabethan times with your sense of humour and spirit of adventure! Gather words and phrases to build a gallery of poetry with this special Collector's Edition release that includes additional bonuses not included in the regular edition. Locate things that are changing to replenish your clue! Appreciate the soundtracks, wallpapers, and other bonuses! Examine the creators of Vendel Games here. as conceptual diagrams! In the Bonus Game, take on a brand-new task as a renegade pirate!

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