Spirit Legends: The Aeon Heart

Will you be able to subdue the untamed creatures and save the Spirits and your uncle in time?

Spirit Legends' most recent otherworldly volume is now available! Everything about your mechanical heart transplant went perfectly! Now is the time for a check-up with your scientific uncle. But when you get there, you find that a shadowy, magical Order has taken your uncle hostage! Some people will use terrifying mythological monsters to eject anyone who dared to cross their path because they don't trust the combination of magic and science! Will you be able to save your uncle and the Spirits in time by using a powerful Bestiary to tame the wild monsters? You'll discover out in this captivating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!





- Immerse yourself in a fantastical story
- Track down a murderer and free the Guardians of Harmony
- Exceptionally intricate sequences involving hidden objects
- Use your beastiary to vanquish monsters

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