Shopping Clutter 25: Strawberry Thanksgiving

Will the orphans of Animalville have an amazing Thanksgiving - It's time for you to assist Uncle Turkey in making sure they do!

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, Uncle Turkey eagerly anticipates his favourite holiday of all time. It's a time for families to gather around a shared table, indulge in delicious meals, express gratitude for life's blessings, and extend love to all, including the turkeys. Yet, amidst the joy, there are those who don't experience the same warmth. Children temporarily separated from their parents or grieving the loss of a loved one often miss out on the Thanksgiving festivities they deserve.

Determined to make a difference, Uncle Turkey takes action! This year, he's organizing a special Strawberry Thanksgiving Day at his school, rallying the help of Squirrel and Hare Walker to transform a classroom into a haven of joy. Together, they'll orchestrate activities, prepare treats, and extend a heartfelt invitation to the town's orphaned children. It's an ambitious plan, but one fuelled by the spirit of giving.

Join in the festive spirit with Shopping Clutter 25: Strawberry Thanksgiving! Explore new Thanksgiving-themed products, solve puzzles, and immerse yourself in calming tones and melodies. Experience the joy of giving back alongside Uncle Turkey as he takes the initiative to spread cheer and kindness. With humorous banter, beloved characters, and a vibrant atmosphere filled with confections and charity, Thanksgiving is truly best spent with Uncle Turkey!

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