Set Sail – Caribbean

Restore your family's company and vanquish the pirate ruler!

The creditors are hammering on Sir Francis' door, signaling that hard times are ahead for the well-meaning governor of the Caribbean. The only option to pay off his debts appears to be marrying off his own daughter, Catherine. Despite not being a fan of the idea of an arranged marriage, the determined girl makes the decision to take matters into her own hands and save her family without sacrificing her independence. In order to achieve this, she will develop a successful boatbuilding company in Port Royale, the most valuable city in the entire Caribbean, using her father's docks!



- Purchase and sell different kinds of ships!
- Send your crew to battle the Caribbean pirates!

- Enter an intriguing narrative that transports you to six different Caribbean islands!
- Use strategy and cunning to manage your resources to increase your income!

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