Secret City: Chalk of Fate Collector’s Edition

In Secret City: Chalk of Fate Collector's Edition, the city that never sleeps

Savor yet another breathtaking installment of the imaginative Secret City narrative! When a cunning thief takes The Chalk of Fate, a potent item, right out of your nose, a covert archeological exhibition meant to showcase valuable artifacts from the Secret City becomes a perilous game! The pursuit has now begun, with detours and turns as erratic as New York's back lanes. What plans do they have with the Chalk of Fate, and who stole it? In this game of hidden object puzzle adventure where reality is changing, solve the case to find out the truth!





- Take on a second Secret World villain in the bonus game!
- Replay HOPs and mini-games to find secret spots, search museums, and more—all while earning rewards!
- There are a ton of coins, artworks, and shifting items to discover!
- Take advantage of special films, songs, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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