Sea of Lies: Leviathan Reef Collector’s Edition

It appears that you are the next victim of the evil Pirate King, who is out for blood and retribution!

The evil Pirate King is on the hunt for blood, and you're his next victim! The notorious smuggler intends to abduct you in order to exact revenge on your father. However, when the captain he sends to capture you ends up releasing you, his plans fall apart! Now that you have the single key that can stop the Pirate King, you find yourself on a secret island inhabited by pirates. Who, though, can you trust? In this action-packed hidden-object puzzle adventure game, you must go undercover as one of them in order to discover the truth!





- Investigate the enigmatic curse of the pirates in the bonus game.
- Achieve awards for completing HOPs and minigames in this and other games!
- With the help of the concept art, wallpapers, and soundtrack, relive your voyage.
- Look for treasured mementos! Get the useful strategy guide here.

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