Sea of Lies: Burning Coast Collector’s Edition

The real story behind a terrible plague is only you!

You've come to Port Talbot to assist in the search for a cure as a weird plague is ravaging coastal villages. However, as the population is evacuated to nearby Wellport, you find yourself thrust into the centre of a madman's cunning schemes. As of right now, just you are aware of the reality. But before you fall prey to another victim along the scorching coast, can you reveal it? Play this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game to find out! This is not your typical version this is a special Collector's Edition edition with rare extras!





- Trail a deadly new enemy in the bonus game!
- You can purchase stuff from the Treasure Room, find treasures and souvenirs, and access concept art, soundtracks, and wallpapers.
- A full strategy guide is also available.

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