Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets Platinum Edition

As a beautician, you may assist Sally in discovering her long-lost love!

Everyone's favourite beautician, Sally, is back! She is hunting for her long-lost love while also trying to beautify women all around the world! Are you prepared to embark on this funny voyage with her and her new companion, Fran? Sally and her new companion François are adding a little beauty to the town one treatment at a time while their business is flourishing. They were, at least, until Sally received some shocking news that made her giddy with anticipation! It turns out that Julio, her longtime crush and favourite musician, will be doing his final show close to Snuggford! Sally, who is one of his biggest followers, is ecstatic. There's more, though. 20 years ago, Julio and Sally had a summer romance that no one knew about! The moment Sally is certain they can resume their romantic relationship... A catastrophe occurs! As Julio's jet takes off for the concert, it disappears. Sally and François embarked on an amazing adventure, driven to discover him! Will Sally eventually find her long-lost love? Prepare for this exciting time management adventure by doing your hair nicely, applying makeup, packing your prettiest dress, and getting ready to discover!





- Become a fantastic beautician!
- Experience sixty time management levels, assist Sally with beauty treatments
- Play 12 mini-games
- Enjoy numerous guest appearances,
- Collect all the medals to enhance your salons!

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