Saga of the Nine Worlds: The Gathering Collector’s Edition

Visit the fabled Nine Worlds in order to rescue the planet!
In The Gathering CE of Saga of the Nine Worlds

In this brand-new game series, embark on a legendary trip through the Nine Worlds! A calm morning in Midgard is interrupted by a dragon attack! Along the way, you come under attack as you race against time to find the beast and slay it with your princess. Though you were spared, you ought to have perished. It appears that you have been selected by the gods to perform a very significant duty: saving the planet! The gods think you deserving. Just provide evidence for it now. Take your friends with you as you embark on an amazing hidden-object puzzle adventure game across the Nine Worlds!





- In the extra chapter, escape the Ship of the Dead!
- With the useful strategy guide, you'll never get lost.
- Search areas and HOPs for items of interest.
- Savor accomplishments, music, concept art, and more!

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