Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector’s Edition

Enjoy Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One CE, the eagerly awaited continuation of the series.

The much-awaited second installment in the Royal Romances series. Ida is drawing nearer to her goals, and the final battle is drawing near. Can you manage everything? Despite the seeming dismal circumstances, there remains hope for the future. The prophecy states that when the dragons return, a Chosen One will be able to command them. Ida kidnaps individuals to find out who the enigmatic hero is. She managed to kidnap Glissando but was unable to apprehend Princess Amelia. Who might be the One chosen? But take note: the witch is not one to give up easily. In addition, King Illeon has his own story to tell and is preparing a last-ditch assault on the forest. Discover everything there is to see in this mythical region and become the force that can tip the scales of fate! Make the most of your knowledge and reasoning to emerge victorious in this Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!




- You make your own decisions! You have the potential to alter the storyline of the journey, and your decisions count! Make a sad option that will impact the path of the romantic narrative narration. Can you assist the characters in rescuing not only their lives, but also the existence of the entire kingdom, before it's too late? You ought to reconsider! An extensive list of achievements! You'll find unusual brain teasers, complex puzzles, and soothing inventory management mini-games here! Explore story-rich stunning places for hidden objects, discover and solve mysteries and secrets to gain accolades, and celebrate your success in the enchanting realm of romance!
- Bonus material! Enjoy wonderful fantasy-themed goodies! Assist the woodland guardians in their fight against the forces of darkness! Even the traditional woods shepherds may be emotional at times and seek support. Discover what the Great Ent cannot conquer on his own!
- Collectible things! Explore the magical world's wonderful sceneries, keeping a watch out for intriguing collector's trinkets and objects! To collect uncommon objects, search the fantasy forest for hidden riches, and solve astonishing intellectual problems! play Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition, download Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition, Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One Collector's Edition game

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