Royal Romances: Forbidden Magic Collector’s Edition

Is love or hope enough to get past obstacles?

Is love or hope enough to get past obstacles? Discover by guiding your courageous characters down the treacherous path to their most cherished desires! Fantastic follow-up to the widely appreciated Royal Romances video game series! When confronted with an unbearable situation or the possibility of unfathomable power and love, what can a human do? Beasts roam the woods, the murky air grows thicker and harder to breathe, and black magic taint suffocates everything in its path. Ida and Illeon are about to carry out their sly scheme. As you get ready to defend the lands from grave peril, fight conflicts with your people, fall in love, and experience loss! Can a small bard defeat a large werewolf? Can a villain change who they are? You can find the answers to these queries in this exciting new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure! Surprising narrative turns are among the features that make this story interesting.





- Explore an amazing fantasy universe with stunning scenery and unexpected heroes!
- Is it possible to subdue your opponent and still be human? Is there any chance of a happy ending for the evil witch? You have to go on an amazing journey with the protagonists of the fantasy tale to get the answers to these questions! Make difficult decisions! You can influence the point-and-click adventure's storyline. Make a vital choice that will impact how the romance story unfolds. Before it's too late, can you help the characters and save the day? You ought to reconsider! An extensive list of achievements!
- You're in for a relaxing minigame, challenging puzzles, and fascinating riddles! Solve mental riddles and find hidden objects to gain a variety of awards that will highlight your achievements! More things to gather!
- Soak in the breathtaking surroundings of this excursion! There are several beautiful locations with mysteries to solve and riches to find. To increase the fun factor of the game, keep an eye out for a variety of prizes!

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