Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE

In Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE, the realm has entered an eternal winter.

The highly anticipated follow-up to Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods is here, with Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE! The kingdom is now experiencing eternal winter, and people are escaping their houses in search of refuge due to the extreme cold and hunger. How long till nobody is left in the forest as a result of this? An elf named Maryelle shows up in need of help during these stormy days, when the forest guardian is finding it particularly difficult to oversee the wellbeing of the places under her care. Around the time of the realm's unusual ice, the tiny elf's brother disappeared. Is this a coincidence, or does he know the truth about the extreme cold's slow but inevitable annihilation of the kingdom? You have to bring back the sunlight and the once-luxurious forest vegetation.




- Discover a brand-new story in the bonus chapter!
- You can always go back and play your preferred hidden-object scenes and mini-games!
- There are multiple objectives to be fulfilled!
- Keep an eye out for morphing objects and hidden goodies!

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