Royal Legends: Raised in Exile Collector’s Edition

In the collector's edition of Royal Legends: Raised in Exile, can you save the monarch and his realm?

Your parents sailed aboard the Everlast twenty years ago, and they were never seen again. But today, as you prepared to commemorate the anniversary of their disappearance, the Everlast struck land once more without warning! You're determined to learn the truth about what actually happened to your family all those years ago, despite the uncertainties raised by the ship's presence. As a result, you set off on a journey by land, air, and sea and came across a range of unusual marine species. Will you learn the truth, or will you wind up in your parents' shoes? Find out by playing this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Check out the bonus game's features to learn more about the mermaid's past! Record the things you've accomplished. Get wallpapers, concept art, and more! Check out the combined Strategy Guide.

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