Robin Hood: Winds Of Freedom Collector’s Edition

Save King Richard from a crafty abductor!
In the Collector's Edition of Robin Hood: Winds of Freedom

In the gloomy fable Rin: The Last Child, you must locate your magic, perform spells, and enchant them to create stronger and more potent spell variations. In your mission to preserve the planet, use elements to strengthen and bolster your power as you take on the role of the demigoddess Rin. Explore expansive mythological worlds and uncover the mysteries contained within the Aspects of Magic. To create spells or enchantments, locate aspect shards and runes. Have you had enough of the same old magical missiles? There are undoubtedly more spells available that will fit your preferred style of gameplay. As you go across their nations, you will see dangerous jungles filled with lethal animals, terrible volcanic plains, deserts of twisted time, and many more. What mysteries will you unravel?





- Magic and enchantment
- discovery
- captivating narrative
- distinctive artistic style

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