Roads Of Rome: New Generation 3 – Collector’s Edition

In Roads Of Rome: New Generation 3 - Collector's Edition, you can aid in the Roman Empire's growth.

The Pharaoh Period in Ancient Egypt. Threatened the land is darkness. This wicked force is tricked by the Order of Priests and imprisoned underground, where it sleeps through the never-ending underground darkness. Egypt, 1932: an adventurous period. It is up to you to put an end to the evil that has been reawakened after three millennia! Magnificent Crystals of Power are protected by age-old riddles. Discover the pieces required to defeat the Darkness once and for all by traveling to the Port, Oasis, Temple, Pyramid, and finally the Sphinx itself.





- Explore 5 distinct worlds: the Port, Oasis, Temple, Pyramid, and Sphinx, and 19 distinct locations.
- Over 75 incredibly clever puzzles and mini-games to solve, including tests of memory, logic, mathematics, arcade and Match-3 games, Sudoku, and more.
-Get rewards for 17+ achievements, and track your progress as you gather the awesomely mighty Crystals of Power.

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