Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides Collector’s Edition

After two decades at sea, why has the Everlast made a comeback?

Twenty years ago, your parents sailed on the Everlast and were never seen again. But just as you were getting ready to mark the anniversary of their absence, the Everlast unexpectedly made landfall again today! Although the presence of the ship raises doubts, you're determined to get the truth about what really happened to your family all those years ago. Thus, you embarked upon a voyage by land, air, and sea, encountering a variety of peculiar marine life. Will you discover the truth or will you end up in the same situation as your parents? Play this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game to find out! Take a look at the features of the bonus game to find out more about the mermaid's past! Keep track of your accomplishments. Obtain concept art, wallpapers, and more! Take a look at the integrated Strategy Guide.

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