Risen Dragons

Restore a formerly thriving region and vanquish a malevolent scourge!

Step into a magical realm during a mythical era! A peaceful population of a floating island has been left defenseless against conflict by cruel entities from another dimension who have destroyed the island and scattered its pieces to the four winds. You have to guard a strong sorceress while she seals the portals that your enemy used to get past you in order to defeat them. In order to gain the upper hand in battle, you'll use three magical dragons to fight waves of adversaries, construct and enhance a strong network of towers to provide you a tactical advantage, and use special attacks to escape dangerous situations. In between battles, you'll play minigames to get the materials you need, use the dragons to put the island back together, and find additional enemy gateways. Can you vanquish the terrible scourge and restore the formerly thriving land? You control the future, and you have the dragons at your disposal!





- Repair a destroyed world
- Use the dragons' magic
- Defend your land with nine towers
- Overcome more than 20 different kinds of monsters
- Acquire relics and collectibles

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95 MB

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