Revived Legends: Titan’s Revenge CE

Collector's Edition: Put an end to a vengeful Titan from mythology!

You arrived in Greece expecting to have a leisurely vacation. However, a bizarre solar eclipse that starts on your first day in Athens shakes the ground and sends you on an unexpected adventure. A strong Titan who was imprisoned by the gods is now seeking revenge on them when a group of archaeologists unintentionally liberated him during their search for an old relic. The Earth will descend into anarchy if he manages to get to Olympus and destroy the gods. It appears that you have to save the planet, therefore your vacation will have to wait! In this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, explore Greece in both ancient and modern times!


This is a special Collector's Edition release with unreleased extras!




- Chaos Athena once more in the bonus game!
- The concept art and wallpapers bring Ancient Greece to life.
- You'll want to keep listening to the moving soundtrack!
- An all-encompassing Strategy Guide

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