Rescue Team 8 – Collector’s Edition

When calamity hits, show the way to safety while the Rescue Team confronts and overcomes the threats.

As the Rescue Team encounters both man-made and natural hazards, lead the route to safety after a calamity! Avalanches and earthquakes are just two of the many tragedies the Rescue Team faces in this exciting follow-up. But Pietro Mangula, the most infamous poacher in the world, poses a threat to Mother Nature, so the team can't put the responsibility solely on her! When Mangula and his goons pilfer every animal from a reserve, FEMA sends the Rescue Team in to turn things around! As Mangula flees across perilous drylands, vast mines, and untamed jungles, players must gather supplies, clear barriers, and cope with fires, floods, dark caverns, and other mishaps. Gamers can finish tasks at their own pace or compete to beat the clock and win amazing achievements. In any case, Rescue Team 8's Collector's Edition features a ton of extra material in addition to flawless point-and-click gameplay and stunning graphics and animation! Set the alarm and get the Collector's Edition of Rescue Team 8 right now!





- An exciting plot
- A plethora of difficult levels
- Magnificent artwork and animation
- Novice and expert player modes
- A learn-as-you-play lesson

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480 MB

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