Rescue Team 7

Mother Nature has a new opponent!

Mother Nature has a new opponent! The Rescue Team is there to save the day when thunder breaks the sky, volcanoes roar, and the Earth trembles. Lead this skilled team of adventure seekers who have compassion for aiding others as they search amid the debris of several catastrophic events to rescue victims and reconstruct towns. No disaster is too great or animal too little for the Rescue Team to respond to. Once they arrive by land, sea, or air, you must lead them and their dog companions to clear obstacles, gather supplies, and finish missions that will take them deep into snow-capped mountains, dark mines, and verdant jungles. Use cunning to beat the clock and earn dozens of stars as you operate ski lifts, turn off hazardous oil geysers, and clear foggy trails. After that, you can use the stars to construct your own Rescue Team base. New objectives and power-ups will be your reward for overcoming each danger.





- 70 captivating levels
- Vibrant visuals and animation
- Timed and untimed modes
- Step-by-step tutorial

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375 MB

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